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Sprong, Arnold

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Oral History

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Arnold Spring was born 3 February 1925 in Michigan City, Indiana, and grew up there. After completing high school, he was inducted into the US Army in August 1943. After the Allied invasion of France in June 1944, Arnold was among the troops sent to France. He served with 2nd Battalion Intelligence, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division. On 11 July 1944, near the French city of St Lo, Arnold and two other GIs were captured by the Germans. Arnold was held for very brief times at several locations in German-occupied France, but within a few weeks was at a permanent POW camp location in Germany, IV-B Muhlberg. He remained here for just a few weeks, though, before being sent in August on a work detail to the small town of Adorf, in south central Germany near the Czech border. Arnold remained here until late April 1945, at which time the Germans evacuated all prisoners due to the advance of Soviet forces. The men were marched south for several weeks, until liberated by American forces in the first days of May 1945. Arnold and other Americans were evacuated, eventually back to the United States. He spent some time recovering from his POW experience, then in November 1945 was discharged. Again a civilian, Arnold was married and raised a family, and used GI Bill benefits to attend college. He spent a career in the field of engineering.


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