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Roslansky, Marvin

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Oral History

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Marvin Roslansky was born 11 November 1922, in Lakefield, Minnesota. He attended Lakefield schools and graduated from Lakefield High School in the spring of 1940. Marvin entered the US Marine Corps spring of 1941, and in September 1941 was stationed on the Pacific island of Guam, a US territory. Japanese forces invaded Guam on 8 December 1941, and the badly outnumbered US forces surrendered two days later, on 10 December. Marvin was among the 406 American service personnel captured on the island. After some weeks on Guam, in January 1942 prisoners were transported on the freighter Argentina Maru to Japan, and transferred to Zentsuji POW camp, located on Shikoku Island. Marvin remained at Zentsuji until the end of the war, some forty-five months. POWs were evacuated on 5 September 1945. After leaving Zentsuji, Marvin was transported to Guam, to a Naval Hospital, and then by ship back to San Diego. He spent time at several military hospitals recovering from his years as a POW before being discharged from the Marine Corps in April 1946. Again a civilian, Marvin was married in 1946 (wife Ida) and helped to raise four children. He used GI Bill benefits to attend welding school and auto frame school, and worked many years in the auto dismantling business in Racine, Wisconsin.


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