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Oliver, Glenn

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Oral History

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Glenn Oliver was born 28 Apr 1919 in Brainerd, Minnesota; he grew up in nearby Aitkin, and graduated from Aitkin High School in 1937. Glenn was married in February 1941 (wife Esther). Glenn joined the National Guard in Brainerd; in early 1941 this unit was activated as part of the US Army. In February 1941, Glenn was on active duty with Company A of the Army's 194th Tank Battalion. This unit was stationed briefly at Fort Lewis, Washington, then in September of 1941 was sent to the Philippines. Glenn was here when Japanese force attacked on 8 December 1941. Japanese forces quickly defeated the Americans in the Philippines, and Glenn was among the thousands who surrendered in April 1942 at Bataan. Glenn became a POW. After his evacuation from Japan, return to the United States, and reunion with his family, Glenn spent months in military hospitals fully recovering; he was discharged in November 1946, but called up during the Korean War for active duty, September 1950 - November 1951. Glenn worked many years for American Smelting and Refining Company (ARASCO), retiring in 1982 as Senior Locomotive Engineer.


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