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Norman, Caldon

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Oral History

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Caldon "Cal" Norman was born 4 September 1925 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He grew up there and graduated from high school in 1943. In November 1943, Cal was inducted into the US Army at Fort Snelling, in Minneapolis. After completing Basic Training, he was assigned to the 100th Infantry Division, and sailed to Europe with this unit in October 1944. During an engagement on 3 December 1944 by Wingen-sur-Moder in eastern France, Cal was badly wounded by a German hand grenade and, with over one hundred of his company, taken prisoner. Due to his combat injuries, the Germans sent Cal to a military hospital facility, Reserve Lazarett 104, near the town of Spremberg; he remained here until mid-February 1945. At that time, with Soviet troops advancing towards the area, the Germans evacuated this facility. Cal was moved first to IV-A Hohenstein-Ernstthall, then to IV-F Hartmannsdorf, before landing at IV-B Muhlberg, which was his final POW location. Soviet forces liberated Muhlberg on 23 April 1945. After several days, Cal was evacuated by American troops, first to France then to the United States. He spent more months fully recovering from his wounds and time as POW, before being discharged in November 1945. Again a civilian, Cal used GI Bill benefits and graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1949. He earned a graduate degree from the University of Oregon in 1955. Cal spent his career with Portland (Oregon) Public Schools, retiring in 1984.


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