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Kuptsow, Aaron

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Oral History

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Aaron Kuptsow was born on 23 June 1922 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one of three sons of Russian Jewish immigrants. He went to local schools, graduating from high school in 1940. Aaron briefly attended the University of Pennsylvania before enlisting in the Army Air Corps in October 1942. Initially stationed with the 15th Air Force in Italy, in August 1944 Aaron was transferred to the 8th Air Force in England, to the 398th Bomb Group, 600th Bomb Squadron. Trained as a radar navigator bombardier, or "Mickey Man," Aaron was flying with the 398th Bomb Group on his eighth mission when on 26 November 1944 his plane was shot down on a mission to Misburg, Germany. Aaron first was taken to the Dulag Luft interrogation facility at Wetzlar, where he spent some weeks, before being transported by rail to Stalag Luft I, located in Barth, northern Germany; he remained here until the camp was overrun in May 1945 by advancing Soviet troops. Along with the other Allied POWs at Barth, Aaron was evacuated from the camp after several weeks, flown to Camp Lucky Strike, France, then shipped back to the United States. He was discharged from the Army in late 1945. Again a civilian, Aaron returned to Philadelphia, where he attended medical school. He got married (1947, wife Anita), and helped raise a family. A medical doctor, Aaron spent nearly four decades in private practice in Philadelphia. He was interviewed in April 2004.


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