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Dull, Lloyd

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Oral History

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Lloyd W. Dull was born on 20 February 1922 on a farm in East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. One of eleven children, he attended one-room schools through the eighth grade, then quit school to work on the family farm. During 1942-43 Lloyd had a farm deferment, but when his parents sold the farm in mid-1943 the deferment ended and in December he was drafted into the Army. After Basic Training as a rifleman, Lloyd was assigned to the 134th Regiment, 35th Infantry Division. This unit arrived in Normandy in June 1944; Lloyd landed some days after the D-Day invasion. Lloyd suffered a shrapnel wound to his arm in July, and spent until September recovering; he returned to his unit in October and was in action until being captured in early December during an attempted river crossing near the Belgian-German border. As a POW, Lloyd was briefly at Stalag XII-A, Limburg, having been marched from the point of capture, but the majority of his POW experience was at Stalag IV-B, near Muhlberg. Here, malnutrition and overcrowding were the main problems from Lloyd's perspective. Stalag IV-B was liberated by advancing Red Army units in late April 1945, but the American and British prisoners remained in the Soviet zone until the end of May before being returned to American control. After some weeks at Camp Lucky Strike in Le Havre, France, Lloyd was rotated back to the United States and, in December 1945, discharged. Again a civilian, Lloyd used GI Bill benefits to attend Lancaster Business College and, later, a hairdressing school. He owned and operated a hairdressing business in Lancaster until retiring in 1986.


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