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Anderson, Warren

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Oral History

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Warren Anderson was born 22 July 1924 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. He entered the US Army in 1943 and trained to be a paratrooper. By 1944 he was overseas, part of Company C, 504th Battalion, 82nd Airborne. In December 1944, shortly after arriving in Belgium, he was taken prisoner by the Germans. As a POW, Warren spent time in a number of small German towns near Aachen digging gun emplacements; in January 1945 he arrived at Stalag XII-A in Limburg where he was held for about a month before being transferred to Stalag IX-B, Bad Orb where he spent March-April 1945 until being liberated by American forces. Warren spent a brief period at an American field hospital and then a hospital in Paris, France, before being transported back to the United States.


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