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Starn, Priscilla

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Oral History

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Priscilla Starn was born 31 August 1929 on a 160 acre farm near Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. The youngest of six children, she attended local schools, graduating from Sleepy Eye High School in 1946. During the war years Priscilla lived at home with her parents and attended high school. Two brothers served in the military, meaning much of the work on the farm fell on her shoulders. In addition to school work, Priscilla helped care for livestock and worked in the field, and also assisted with cooking, canning, and other housework. The shortage of labor during the war years had a direct impact on her life. After high school Priscilla attended South Dakota State University (class of 1950) before enlisting in the US Army in 1951 and getting into the field of dietetics. She was discharged in 1953, married and raised a family, and worked many years as a nurse here in Minnesota. At the time of this interview (September 2002) Priscilla lived in Apple Valley, Minnesota.


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