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Snyder, Lois

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Oral History

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Lois was born on 19 July 1922 in Altura, Minnesota. At age four, her family moved to Lanesboro, Minnesota, where they lived until Lois graduated from high school; at that time, Lois moved to Minneapolis. In April 1942, Lois got married, and shortly thereafter became pregnant. Her husband Gerry was drafted, entered the US Army Air Forces, and in 1943 was sent to Europe; at this time Lois moved back to Lanesboro to be with her family. She did housework until she had her child, and then moved to St. Paul and got a job with Northwest Plastics. When Gerry returned from wartime service, the couple moved to Minneapolis and raised their family of six children. Lois worked at a number of different jobs over the years, as well as being a homemaker. Lois and Gerry later moved to Plymouth, Minnesota, where they resided during their retirement. This interview provides poignant details of some of the challenges faced by a working mother during the war years.


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