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Snyder, Gerald

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Oral History

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Gerald "Gerry" Snyder was born in 1921 in Preston, Minnesota, to Paul and Emma Snyder. He lived in Preston until he graduated high school in 1939, at which point he moved up to Minneapolis. Gerry attended Dunwoody Institute, a technical school, for two years. He then worked at US Air Conditioning for approximately two years, at which point the military draft seemed imminent. Gerry tried to enlist in the Air Corps, but was unable to, and was subsequently drafted into the Army. He still managed to get an assignment in the Army Air Corps. Following Basic Training, Gerry was stationed both in England and on the European continent during 1943-44; he was then posted back to the US. Gerry was discharged in 1945 after three years of active duty. Following military service, Gerry and his wife Lois moved to Minneapolis, where they raised their family of six children. Gerry worked in the sheet metal trade for forty years, and finally retired in 1984. At the time of this interview (2001), he still resides in the Minneapolis area and enjoys garage sales, repairing engines, and other miscellaneous fix-it projects.


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