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Snow, Robert

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Oral History

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Bob Snow was born 20 April 1920 in Minneapolis, but grew up in St. Paul, where he graduated from Central High School in 1938. He started the University of Minnesota that year, but when the US entered the war in December 1941 he enlisted the next month in the US Navy. Bob took advantage of the Navy’s V-7 program to finish his degree before entering active service. In early 1943 Bob got married (wife Nancy) and was sent to Columbia University in New York for officer training; later that year he was in San Diego to train on LCT’s (landing craft, tank) and LCM’s (landing craft, mechanized). Following advanced training in the Solomon Islands (South Pacific) in early 1944, Bob joined the crew of the USS Gunston Hall (LSD-5), an LSD (landing ship, dock). In September 1944 LSD-5 participated in the bloody invasion of Peleliu Island, in the Palau group; after the island was secured by the 1st Marine Division, Bob remained stationed at Peleliu as ship’s company. He remained on Peleliu until after V-J Day in August 1945, when he was rotated back to the US; Bob was discharged in January 1946 with the rank of lieutenant junior grade. After the war, Bob used the GI Bill to attend Harvard, where he obtained a graduate degree in architecture. He worked as an architect in the Twin Cities during the 1950s, and was then self-employed in sales until his retirement. Bob has been on the board of directors of several local companies, and devoted considerable time to volunteer work. At the time of this interview (August 2002) Bob and his wife Nancy lived in Minneapolis.


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