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Krusell, Warner

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Warner Krusell was born on 23 April 1927 in St Cloud, Minnesota. Within a couple of years, the family moved to Minneapolis as his father took a job in the city police department. A few years later the family moved to St. Paul for the same reason. Warner went to St. Paul Johnson High School until he was 16, and then left school for a job at Northwest Airlines as a stock clerk. In 1943, when he was 17, Warner enlisted in the US Navy; following Basic Training at Great Lakes Naval Training Center, in Chicago, he was sent to Point Montara Gunnery Range, California, for further training. He was shipped out to the Pacific in summer 1945, and assigned to the USS LCS 27. An LCS is a Landing Craft Support, a small ship that followed in at Pacific Ocean invasion points. USS LCS 27 saw action in early 1945 at the invasion of the Philippines. Warner joined the ship’s crew in summer as it was preparing for the invasion of Japan, scheduled for late 1945. When the war with Japan ended in August 1945, USS LCS 27 helped to deliver US occupation forces to China. Warner was discharged from service in 1946. After military service, he once again worked at Northwest Airlines, where he spent his entire career. At the time of this interview (2001), Warner lived in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, with his wife Aileen. Warner Krusell died 13 September 2011. After this interview, there is a brief World War II service history of USS LCS 27.


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