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Cartier, Richard

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Oral History

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Richard Cartier was born 20 May 1923 in St. Paul, Minnesota. At age eight he moved with his family to a farm in Hugo, Minnesota, where he attended school. Richard graduated from high school in 1942 in nearby Forest Lake, Minnesota, as there was no high school in Hugo. He had a farm deferment for some time after graduation, by in March 1944 was drafted into the US Army. By the end of 1944, Richard was serving in Belgium as a rifleman with Company K, 424th Regiment, 106th Infantry Division. On 16 December 1944, the first day of a large German offensive, Richard was taken prisoner. He was wounded in action prior to capture, so spent several days in a German first aid post. Richard then spent time in two German POW camps: Stalag XI-B, Fallingbostel (for approximately five weeks), then Stalag II-A, Neubrandenburg. This camp was liberated on 28 April 1945 by advancing Soviet Red Army units. After some days in camp under Russian control, Richard and others were taken by truck to the city of Hamburg, in northern Germany, and subsequently transported back to the United States. Richard spent several months recovering from his ordeal as a POW, before being discharged in November 1945. Again a civilian, Richard returned to the family farm.


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