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Meier, Waldo

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Oral History

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Wally Meier was born on 20 July 1925 on a farm in rural Labuncie County, Kansas, and completed high school there. In 1943, Wally relocated to St. Paul in order to attend the US Navy’s V-12 college training program at St. Thomas College in St. Paul. V-12, which lasted from 1943-46, was designed to quickly increase the number of commissioned officers serving in the Navy. More than 100 colleges and universities participated. As part of this training, Meier was stationed at a number of stateside bases before he started pilot’s training. He was completing training as the war came to a close. With the war over, there was no need for so many pilots, and thus Wally was discharged from service in late 1945 with the rank of aviation cadet. Following military service, Wally returned to St. Paul, where he had spent some time during the war, and began working for Montgomery Ward (a retail stores chain). There met his wife, Marian; they were married in 1946 and had three children. Wally worked for a number of firms, including 3M and Maytag, and then finished his career as owner of a small business and as a professor for a technical school in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. At the time of this interview (2001), Wally resided in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Wally was an active member of South Shore Trinity Lutheran Church, and worked on the Trustees and Properties boards. He was also involved in mentoring programs and enjoyed do-it-yourself work.


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