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Lund, Norton

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Oral History

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Norton “Norty” Lund was born 24 October 1925 in Pine Lake Township, Clearwater County, Minnesota, the son of Norwegian immigrant parents. The Lunds moved to Richfield, Hennepin County, when Norty was a young boy, and he attended local schools, graduating in 1943 from Vocational High School in Minneapolis. In October of that same year Norty enlisted in the US Navy. After Basic Training at Farragut, Idaho, Norty received advanced training as a hospital corpsman and in 1944 was shipped out to the Pacific. He was at the invasion of Peleliu Island in September 1944, remaining after the island was secured as a staff member at a large hospital facility; casualties arrived here from various locations for the remainder of the war. Norty remained on Peleliu after V-J Day, being rotated back to the US only in December 1945; he was discharged in April 1946 with the rank of hospital corpsman first class. In civilian life, Norty returned to Richfield, got married (September 1946, wife Norine) and raised a family, and got into the upholstering and furniture refinishing trades. He worked many years for Erickson Interiors of Minneapolis, retiring in 1988. In retirement he remained in the Richfield area, which is where he was living when this interview was conducted (September 2002). Norty passed away on 14 November 2005, aged 80. In this interview, Norty offers insights on wartime medical care and treatment of casualties, the monotony of being stationed on a small Pacific island, and relations between blacks and whites in the US Navy.


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