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Holst, Lucinda

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Oral History

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Lucinda (Shramm) Holst was born on 16 Nov 1912 in Cumberland, Barron County, Wisconsin. Prior to the start of the war, she married Arthur J. Holst (b. 15 Feb 1908 in Austin, Minnesota), who farmed 200 acres outside of Austin. When the war began, the Holsts had four children. Arthur received an exemption from military service due his work as a farmer. Lucinda provides detailed memories of life as a farm wife during the war years, with specific recollections about food, rationing and transportation. Lucinda and Arthur were killed in an automobile accident on 17 Oct 2002, in Wabasha County, Minnesota. Lucinda Holst is the mother of Robert Holst, former president of Concordia University, St. Paul.


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