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Klein, Karl M.

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Oral History

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Karl Klein was born in St. Peter, Minnesota, on 17 November 1910. He lived there through high school and then attended Gustavus Adolphus College, also located in St. Peter. After completing a degree in business, Karl went on to do some graduate work at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, before returning to work at his family’s mortuary business in St. Peter. Karl enlisted in the US Navy after the war began, and served in the Pacific Theater as a gunnery commander on board a naval support vessel, the USS Crocker. When the war ended, Karl returned home to St. Peter and worked again in the family business; during the Korean War he served in the US Army. He was married to Delores Klein and had three children. At the time of this interview (2001), Mr. Klein lived in St. Peter and enjoyed retired life.


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