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Neal, Heloise

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Oral History

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Heloise Tabor Neal was born on 17 September 1925 in Sioux City, Iowa, the middle child of three of parents from Texas (mother) and Mississippi (father). The Neal family moved to St. Paul in 1930, when Heloise was five, and she attended local schools, graduating from Marshall High School in 1944. Heloise spent the war years 1941-45 living at home with her parents; from her perspective, aged sixteen to twenty, shortages and wartime rationing didn't represent serious problems for her family. Heloise worked after high school, starting with an assembly line job at Raymond Laboratories in 1944; the wartime economy meant jobs were plentiful and easy to find. One year later, in 1945, she became an elevator operator in a downtown St. Paul office building; Heloise later worked in this job at the Ramsey County courthouse, in St. Paul, and remained there until retiring at age sixty-two. Heloise married Roger Neal in 1945, and the couple made their home in St. Paul; a first child was born in July 1946. All together, Heloise and Roger would have four children. Retired since 1987, Heloise kept busy with family and activities at her church, Pilgrim Baptist of St. Paul.


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