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Holtz, Marlatte Edward

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Oral History

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Ed Holtz was born on 11 July 1921 in the southern Minnesota town of Waseca. He grew up there, graduated from high school, and subsequently attended Stout Institute in Wisconsin (now UW-Stout) until entering the US Army in January 1943. In the service, Ed went through Army Air Corps technical training in Santa Ana, California, and Akron, Ohio, before being sent to the Pacific in 1944. Ed served as a mechanic on an Air Corps repair ship, doing rear echelon, or major, repair work on B-29 Superfortress bombers, P-51 Mustang fighters, and other aircraft. He spent approximately six months at Saipan and then another six at Iwo Jima, both times on a ship anchored off shore. Ed was stationed at Iwo Jima when the war ended in August 1945. He rotated back to the Unites States in December and was discharged in January 1946. Again a civilian, Ed returned to college, and graduated in spring 1947. He got married in 1951 (wife Kathy), and helped to raise a family of five children. After finishing college Ed began a career as a school teacher in the state of Minnesota, remaining in this profession until retiring in the 1980s. In retirement he lived in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, where this interview took place in September 2001. Ed Holtz died 1 October 2006 in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.


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