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Legueri, Dorothy

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Oral History

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Dorothy was born on 15 May 1918 in Taconite, in Itasca County, on Minnesota's Iron Range. She graduated from Greenway High School in Coleraine, also on the Iron Range, in 1934 and attended two years of Junior College, also in Coleraine. Dorothy then lived in Minneapolis for about a year, attending Minneapolis Business College, and then returned to northern Minnesota and worked as a bank clerk in the mining town of Calumet. Dorothy married Angelo Legueri on 27 July 1940, and after that became a homemaker. Angelo worked in the mines until mid-1943, when he was drafted into the US Army; he spent 1943-45 in Europe, the Philippines and on postwar occupation duty in Japan. While he was gone, Dorothy managed the household and raised the couple's first child. Following Angelo's discharge, the couple raised a family of five children and resided in the Iron Range town of Nashwauk, where this interview took place in September 2002. Dorothy recalls everyday civilian life in Minnesota's Iron Range during wartime, including some discussion of shortages, rationing and the importance of family.


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