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Carlson, Raynold

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Oral History

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Raynold Carlson was born 31 May 1919 in the mining community of Pool Location, near the city of Hibbing, on Minnesota's Iron Range. He grew up here, and attended school. Raynold was inducted into the US Army in April 1942, and trained as a mortar crew member. By summer 1943 was serving with the 143rd Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Division. That division was involved with the invasion of Salerno, Italy, which began on 3 September 1943. Following an engagement several days after the invasion, Raynold was taken prisoner by German forces. As a POW, Raynold spent time at several camps: Stalag II-B Hammerstein, and Stalag VII-A Moosburg. He also spent time on work details. Reynold was liberated when advancing American forces reached Moosburg on 29 April 1945. Reynold spent some months recovering from his time as a POW. He was discharged from service in October 1945. Again a civilian, Reynold returned to Hibbing, then spent many years working for the railroad. He was interviewed at his home in Hibbing in April 2005.


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