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MacNeven, Aline

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Oral History

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Aline was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota, on 20 June 1922, one of six children. She grew up on the family farm, which was located approximately ten miles of East Grand Forks, Minnesota. In May 1941, Aline relocated to Washington, D.C. She spent the war years of 1941-45 working as a civilian with the War Department (currently known as the Department of Defense). Aline worked as a stenographer, helping to keep track of transport ships that travelled all over the world. Much of the work involved secret and confidential information. Aline talks of that, and recounts experiences of living and working in the nation’s capital during wartime. In 1945, Aline returned to Minnesota and completed training as a nurse. She worked for more than 40 years in the nursing profession. Aline was married in 1950 (husband: Leonard “Scotty” MacNeven), and had two one child, John. At the time of this interview, Aline lived in Roseville, Minnesota. Aline MacNeven died 13 Feb 2015 in Roseville, Minnesota.


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