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Krusell, Aileen

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Oral History

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Aileen Duffeny Krusell was born on 8 July 1922 in St. Paul. She grew up there and attended school, graduating from high school in 1940. Aileen spent 1941-43 working in St. Paul for the retailer Montgomery Ward, in the mail order department. In August 1943 she enlisted in the US Navy WAVES. Aileen was sent to Hunter College in New York City, a central WAVE facility, for Basic Training, then to a Navy facility in Stiller, Oklahoma, for additional training in office administration. Upon completion of this schooling she was assigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington, D.C.; her duties included the filing of records and general secretarial work. Aileen remained in Washington through the end of the war in August 1945. In late 1945 she was sent to Great Lakes Naval Facility, by Chicago, and in February 1946, discharged from the Navy. Again a civilian, Aileen returned to St. Paul, and returned to her position at Montgomery Ward. She married Navy veteran Warner Krusell in 1946, and remained in the Twin Cities area. At the time of this interview (September 2001) the Krusells lived in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.


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