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Behlen, John

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Oral History

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John Behlen was born 8 March 1915 on the family farm in Shible Township, Swift County, Minnesota. Except for several years living in Minneapolis (1927-33), where he graduated from high school, John’s entire life has been spent on this farm, located near Appleton. He was married in 1942. During the war years John farmed approximately 400 acres, and raised livestock. He was active in county government, and spent time in various local organizations. As a farmer, he received a deferment from military service. In the years since 1945, John continued to farm, raised a family, and used his energies at his church and in his community. He continued to work long days well into his eighties. John provides very good details of rural life in western Minnesota during the war years, talking about prices, availability of goods, and various crops and livestock.


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PDF Transcript of Interview with John Behlen