One Heart Podcast
For 130 years, Concordia University, St. Paul (CSP) has been a university with heart: a heart for learning, a heart for service, a heart for community. Each individual who’s been part of this community brings their own heart and joins with others to become part of this one heart. These are the stories at the heart of the CSP community.


Submissions from 2023

Episode 17: Eric LaMott: Provost & COO, Billy Schultz and Eric LaMott

Episode 16: Regan McAthie: Serving Student-Athletes, Billy Schultz and Regan McAthie

Episode 15: Mark Koschmann: Integrating Faith & Learning at CSP, Billy Schultz and Mark Koschmann

Episode 14: Alexus Houston: Student Body President, Billy Schultz and Alexus Houston

Episode 13: Ren Clayton: WCCO Weekend Sports Anchor, Billy Schultz and Ren Clayton

Episode 12: Hollie Caldwell: A Heart for Nursing, Billy Schultz and Hollie Caldwell

Episode 11: Demetria Dyer: Finding Her Calling as an Attorney, Billy Schultz and Demetria Dyer

Episode 10: Carline Bengtsson: A heart for Service, Billy Schultz and Carline Bengtsson

Episode 9: Jake Trippel: The Implications and Impact of AI, Billy Schultz and Jake Trippel

Episode 8: Mike Houston, BA '04: 2023 Teacher of the Year, Billy Schultz and Mike Houston

Episode 7: Pakhoua Vang, BA '17: Discovering Her Calling at CSP, Billy Schultz and Pakhoua Vang

Episode 6: Carrie Meyer: Regent & Donor, Billy Schultz and Carrie Meyer

Episode 5: Mychal Thom: Chief Diversity Officer, Billy Schultz and Mychal Thom

Episode 4: Devaris Cheeks (DC), MA '23: Student Leader & Recent Graduate, Billy Schultz and Davaris Cheeks

Episode 3: Rachel Wightman, CSP Staff and Author, Billy Schultz and Rachel Wightman

Episode 2: President Brian Friedrich, Part 2, Billy Schultz and Brian Friedrich

Episode 1: President Brian Friedrich, Part 1, Billy Schultz and Brian Friedrich