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Although smaller than most poleis in the Decapolis, Hippos Palaistinēs displays a similar concentration of churches within its urban confines during the Late Antique period. Of the known churches, four are clustered in the city center and two are in the domestic quarter, with a possible seventh church in the southeastern quadrant. To date, most of the significant publications have focused on the material remains of the site (Segal et al. 2014). Little has been surmised about the practice of Christianity at Hippos Palaistinēs other than a suggestion that “Hippos may have been within the sphere of the Monophysite influence” (Młynarczyk 2011).

Through analysis of common basilical church plans and artifact distribution within such sites (Mulholland 2014) along with minor literary references, this article will contend that the mixed community at Hippos Palaistinēs shifted more fully into the sphere of Chalcedonian Christianity in the 6th century. A discussion of the material remains of a small church in the Northeast Insula along with those of other churches at the site will set the stage for the argument.


Hecht Museum, University of Haifa


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