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Master of Arts

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Dr. Charles Nuckles

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Dr. Kimora Kachelmyer


The US economy has always relied on immigrant populations to fill entry-level, unskilled jobs. During this era of globalization, businesses are experiencing employee shortages. The biggest growth industry, production and manufacturing, cannot obtain or retain workers. There is a disconnect between immigrant workers that desire entry-level positions and manufacturing employers that have entry-level openings. Diversity training should be the answer, but that training is designed for corporate businesses that are hiring degreed professionals from foreign countries. Immigrants face greater challenges today in coming to the United States. Many are illiterate in their own language, come from vastly different cultural and religious backgrounds and are emigrating from third world countries to the technologically advanced west. lntercultural cross training in the form of cultural literacy can help both employers/managers and immigrant workers to understand how different cultural perspectives impact behavior, motivation, learning, communication and priority setting.


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