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Dr. Kimora Kachelmyer

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Dr. Charles Nuckles

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Thomas Gergen


The adult female offender on probation with chemical dependency and child protection issues have multiple complex needs. The needs are compounded even more when she is homeless. If the adult female offender does not have access to safe affordable housing, she will not be able to meet the conditions of her probation and be compliant with her child protection case plan. Realizing these set-backs as failures, often the adult female offender will then sabotage her sobriety by using and abusing alcohol and or drugs (prescribed and/or illegal) in an attempt to medicate her pain. This vicious cycle not only places her at risk for physical and emotional abuse, but she is also at risk for recidivism.

The adult female offender must be accountable for her behavior. However that accountability becomes difficult for her to maintain when she does not have access to safe affordable housing. There is a housing crisis in the Twin Cities area. The current vacancy rate is one percent. This small percentage is for persons who have stability in their lives such as consistent employment, good rental histories, 1 or 2 children, no unlawful detainers and no criminal records. The adult female offender does not fit this profile. Therefore, that one percent figure of available rental vacancy is much less.


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