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Master of Arts

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Dr. Richard Brynteson

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Dr. Kimora Kachelmyer

Reader (Advisor 3)

Dr. Charles Nuckles


The purpose of this project is to develop methods to initialize and retain the total quality management process at Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Implementing a total quality management program in 1990, employees at Ryan Companies US, Inc. could not see a value or commitment from top management to proceed with the process. Coupled with strenuous work schedules, employees elected to discard the total quality management process from their daily worklife.

The objective of this project is to interview past recipients of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, collecting data on their successes and failures implementing and utilizing the total quality management process in their organization.

A survey instrument was prepared by the researcher including six questions. Letters of introduction were sent to six past recipients of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award requesting a telephone or in-person interview. Five of the six companies responded to the letter and agreed to a telephone interview.

Material collected from the interviews as well as from eight textbooks, were reviewed, compared, and contrasted. Utilizing these materials, the researcher prepared a list of recommendations for Ryan Companies US, Inc.

The recommendations prepared for Ryan Companies Us, Inc. by the researcher, are intended to assist the organization in successfully implementing and retaining total quality management. Highlighting the areas of recommendation, the researcher suggests the following: commitment, communication, empowerment, training, measuring and tracking performance, utilization of outside resources, and continuous improvement.

Utilizing these recommendations, exemplifies an organization's interest and focus on the total quality management program. Organization's focused on continuous improvement for their employees and customers, will enjoy many years of financial success.

The researcher recommends that Ryan Companies US, Inc. continues to review new materials on quality and continuously strive to improve the processes at Ryan Companies US, Inc.


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