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Master of Arts

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Dr. Richard Brynteson

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Dr. Charles Nuckles


Color is a fascinating gift overflowing with expression, attitude, and life. Color is simple in presentation, yet it communicates an expansive and endless variety of messages. Color is complex with a history rich in scientific discoveries and psychological theories. While the science of color dates back to the Fifteenth Century, far more research in psychological theories was conducted in the Twentieth Century.

Color is an integral part of our lives. Few people, however, are fully aware of the scientific and physiological complexities related to color or the primary role color plays in daily life. Some people attribute a value to color and are more aware of its relative importance while others simply enjoy it as a basic element in life with no attachments to value. Whether color is of high or low interest, however, research indicates that color holds an unequivocal position of power and energy.

The research, completed through literature reviews and surveys, evaluated specific areas related to color including the physiological process that transforms light into color and energy and the psychological process that translates color to persuasion and emotion. The survey evaluated color preferences, corresponding emotional responses, and the attitude and awareness of color as a significant and influential factor. The survey did not focus on age or gender, but data was separated by gender for interest and perspective.

This thesis provides a unique perspective about the scientific and experiential perspectives and perceptions about color and the powerful influence color exhibits in life.

Faber Birren (1952, p. 16) wrote that “…color is not only seen but "felt" emotionally. These personal interpretations are what make color such an intriguing field.”


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