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Master of Arts

Chairperson (Advisor 1)

Dr. Kimora Kachelmyer

Reader (Advisor 2)

Thomas R. Hanson

Reader (Advisor 3)

Dr. Charlotte Knoche


The completion of law school by adults with full-time careers and family obligations can seem almost unattainable with the program options that exist today. People who work during the day are prohibited from attending law school on a full-time basis during the day. Many schools offer part-time programs; however, some only offer day- time attendance, which, once again, is unmanageable for daytime workers. Some schools do offer evening programs. However, students are required to attend many evenings per week and four to six years of study to complete the Juris Doctor Degree.

After having successfully completed a Bachelor of Arts degree and almost having completed a Master of Arts degree, both within the structure of an accelerated learning cohort delivery, the question presenting itself now is whether a law school program could be developed and delivered in the same way. The goal of this activity is to perform an evaluation of traditional, present day, law school programs to determine if it is possible to satisfy law school requirements within the parameters of an accelerated, study model, which would better fit into the schedules of working adult students with family and career commitments.


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