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Dr. Kimora Kachelmyer

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Thomas Gergen


Profound changes are currently taking place in the world and in our society. One of those changes has been the growth in people seeking that which is spiritual in all aspects of their lives, including their lives in the workplace. This phenomenon has come to be known as the spirituality in the workplace movement. If spirituality is becoming a part of the world of work, it is essential for the movement to be examined and understood, particularly by employers.

Organizations that have long been rational systems are finding a place for the spiritual dimension, a dimension that has to do with meaning, purpose, and a sense of community. This movement is the recognition that employees have inner lives that nourish and is nourished by meaningful work that takes place in the context of community.

Spirituality in the workplace can be of potential benefit to both the employee and the organization. When employees are able to bring more of themselves to work then they will find meaning in their work and discover the desire to make a difference. They will be the employees who assume responsibility for the continuous improvement of their organization.

Organizations may lay the groundwork for spirituality in the workplace, but the employer should not endorse or promote any particular type of faith or spirituality. Instead, it becomes the place of the individual to fine their own spirituality within the context of a work environment that welcomes the spirituality of its employees.


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