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Dr. Richard Brynteson

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Dr. Kimora Kachelmyer


This guidebook has a very unique and distinct purpose because it is not intended for a blanket audience. I felt that there was a need to create a guidebook for small organizations, organizations ranging from one to fifty people, organizations that do not specialize in Internet planning, development and design.

In my experience with the Internet, I have witnessed small scale organizations ask individuals who are not acquainted with Web technology to be responsible for developing their Internet methodology. In fact, those who are assigned to Web projects for organizations that do not have Web resources and expertise are too busy to focus on the ever-important development of a Web site.

It is not advantageous for a business to create a Web site without developing a detailed plan that is focused on the purpose of the site. Those who want to explore the potential of the World Wide Web need to understand how the Internet can be used. It can be leveraged as a way to supplement current business, expand business ventures, and provide new avenues to connect the business with customers and customers with the business. This can only happen through meticulous thought, detailed planning, and a healthy grasp of the reality of the Internet.

Before plunging into cyberspace, take the time to thoroughly research the tools and services that are available to assist you with attaining your Internet goals. Through research, you will realize that there are tools and businesses that exist for the sole purpose of making your Internet experience a pleasant one. This guidebook is intended to assist you with the decision of expanding into cyberspace. Once you have decided that the Internet is the next move for your organization, we will look at how you can plan, develop, implement, and maintain a positive Web presence.


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