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Master of Arts

Chairperson (Advisor 1)

Dr. Charlotte Knoche

Reader (Advisor 2)

Dr. Kimora Kachelmyer


Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) is facing a shortage of experienced nurses. Because of this, HCMC is focusing on nurse retention to keep its positions filled. As HCMC increasingly relies on new graduates, rather than experienced nurses to fill its vacancies, the organization is attempting to become more responsive to their needs through the Graduate Nurse Support Program. This program is designed to provide a supportive environment to new graduate nurses as they make the often-difficult transition from being in school to working in a hospital. This study will examine the perspectives and insights from staff and use this information to evaluate and potentially revise the program. This study will also gather and analyze data to determine whether the program is succeeding in reducing turnover among this employee group.


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