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Degree Name

Master of Arts

Chairperson (Advisor 1)

Dr. Richard Brynteson

Reader (Advisor 2)

Dr. Kimora Kachelmyer


In this study, a greater understanding of consumer travel behaviors is explored in relationship to marketing strategies. The need to learn more about Hayward vacation experiences is explored in relationship to current vacation planning and activities. For the first time a formal marketing plan will be established for the Hayward Area Chamber of Commerce, a small non-profit organization. This plan will enable the Hayward Area Chamber of Commerce to expand their market base and reach new audiences, encourage repeat visitors and generate traffic in off-peak seasons. The visitors responding to the survey instrument are in overwhelming agreement as to the reasons why they chose Hayward as a premier vacation destination. The participants of this research project strongly agree with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism's theories, which have been conducted on several occasions.


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