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Master of Arts

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Dr. Richard Brynteson

Reader (Advisor 2)

Thomas Gergen


The purpose of this paper is to present current ideologies and approaches to organizational leadership development with the position that what is necessary today and for the future are critically different than succession planning efforts of the past. The evolution and rapid change of industry has created a heightened awareness of the critical need for corporations to begin strategically planning for the development of its future leaders, leaders at all levels of the organization. Current literature presents many new dimensions and theories related to organizational leadership development emphasizing the need to incorporate this in the corporate strategic planning process. The question of what defines successful leadership is also reviewed by the current literature addressing leadership development needs of today.

Through a review of current literature, this paper will synthesize leadership succession planning efforts of the past, highlight industry changes that brought about the need to address leadership development in a much different light, and discuss new approaches and paradigms to leadership development programs and efforts in today's corporate environment.


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