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Master of Arts

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Dr. Kimora Kachelmyer

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Dr. Richard Brynteson


The purpose of this project is to determine if women are less prepared for retirement, and if this statement is true, determine the best resources and forms of saving for retirement and provide information on how a beginner may start an investment plan.

Historically, women have been put at a disadvantage because most have been led to believe that the husband should take charge of the short-term and long-term planning for the family.

While everyone should make long-term plans for retirement, women should make an extra effort in learning more about saving for the later years. Because more than half of the workforce today is now female, retirement planning is no longer a male-only responsibility. Divorce or death can be an unexpected factor in a marriage which can take away the financial protection for the other person. Financial responsibility should be the concern for everyone, young and old, male and female.

Although the number of women investing is on the rise, there is still a large population that may still need some type of education in financial planning.

The objectives for this project are: I) recommend a financial plan for those women who are one to ten years away from retirement and do not have any type of savings, 2) recommend a financial plan for those women who are 15 to 25 years away from retirement, 3) determine which age brackets are most/least prepared for retirement, and 4) provide a listing of financial planners in the Twin Cities Area.


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