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As we near the turn of the century the number of individuals available for employment is decreasing rapidly due to the decline in the number of births to the ''baby boom" generation. This particular issue requires organizations to look to the issues of how to become more efficient and effective in the way they do business. One answer to the question of how to produce more with less is the self-managed work team (SMWT). This particular style of management has been deemed one way in which the organization will move more efficiently into the twenty-first century.

A smaller work force requires organizations to re-think their management styles if they are to continue to thrive. Creation of an efficient and effective environment both inside and outside the organization has become mandatory if an organization is to keep the competitive advantage.

A review of the literature has been undertaken to determine the best methodologies for the implementation of self-managed work teams within the organizational structure. An updating of the Concordia University module on self-managed work teams has been achieved through the knowledge gained in the examination of the latest literature.


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