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Dr. Charles Nuckles


ABM Industries Incorporated (ABMI) is the largest facilities contractor listed on the New York Stock Exchange. ABMI' s largest subsidiary is ABM Janitorial Services. ABM Janitorial Services has a branch located in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. One of the accounts awarded to ABM Janitorial Services at Minneapolis/St. Paul, is the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.

This document analyses the need for on-site customized training for managers at the ABM Janitorial Services location at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Aiport.

ABM Industries Incorporated currently has a training program that is used on a national level. The training program, "ABM Supervisor Development Training", consists of 6 sessions with homework assigned at each session.

In an effort to operate in a proactive management mode, a study was conducted to see the effectiveness of on-site customized training for the managers at ABM-Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, compared to the standard training offered by ABM Janitorial Services at the Minneapolis/St. Paul branch office.

The results of the on-site training showed that the success rate of completion.. was 91.67% at ABM-Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport with the on-site customized training, compared to 36% success rate of completion at ABM- Minneapolis/St. Paul branch office with the standard training method.

A literature review was also completed to research the effectiveness of various types of training. The research showed that combining workshop training and manual training, results in higher training scores. This research reinforces the need for the interactive training which is similar to that which is occurring at ABM-Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.


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