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Master of Arts

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Robert DeWerff


The purpose of this project is to research the most effective and practical criteria for measuring the need for ergonomics in a business environment. Once the measurement criteria has been identified and documented, the authors will develop a process that can be communicated to organizational management- making suggestions and/or recommendations regarding the need for ergonomics relating to the Video Display Terminal (VDT) workstation in an office environment. These recommendations will enable organizations and employees to recognize when ergonomics should be addressed and utilized within their organization. The goal of this project is to convince organizations that every business strategy should include ergonomics to avoid the loss of productivity, law suits, and serious accidents.

In order to develop this approach, however, it is important to define ergonomics, to provide an overview of its history, to outline the scope of ergonomics and environments impacted by ergonomics, and to define the terms that will be used throughout the synthesis activity project.


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