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Master of Arts

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Dr. Richard Brynteson

Reader (Advisor 2)

Dr. Thomas Gergen


The purpose of this study is to explore several workplaces and evaluate the impact of a culturally diverse workforce on the organization management. This challenge had been brought to managers as American companies become more diverse with their Global Businesses.

This study examined and identified the challenges that managers had to face and the contributions that culturally diverse workforce had brought on board.

The methodology for this study included a literature review and a survey. The literature review provided support information for building up the survey that was used. Twenty managers, who have had extensive experience working with people of different cultural backgrounds, responded the survey. The survey identified relevant information from their experiences. Their answers were carefully tabulated and translated into valid information. This data was translated into numbers, charts and categories. The quantified information was compared to the information gathered through the literature review.

The shared opinions, which were gathered through the surveys, were used to support the building up of a list of challenges, barriers, and other aspects related to organization management and diversity in the American workplaces.

The findings restated and confirmed what was previously found through the literature review. Chapter 4 (Results) of this study enlisted the tabulated data and its data analysis.

At the end of this study, on chapter 5 (Conclusion), recommendations are made based on the results of this study survey.


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