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Metris Companies markets consumer credit products and fee based services. The relationship between these parts generates the power of the organization. By cross-selling fee-based services to its credit card customers, and using its card as a payment vehicle, Metris deepens customer relationships and creates multiple revenue streams.

Metris has two divisions: card- and fee-based division. As the company budgets month to month, they strategically plan for the future through a forecasting tool. This tool enables both the card- and fee-based divisions to forecast assumptions for 2001. The assumption for outbound telemarketing is that it will generate 1.4 million hours in 2001 at a total cost of $34 million dollars. As the business looks to increase efficiencies and sales, a model has been proposed to internalize a portion of the 1.4 million hours through building a call center. Through internalization, projected impact of a outbound call center (100-200) seats would generate 360,000 hours of the 1.4 budgeted at a cost per hour of $21.

Knowing how much business Metris generates from outbound telemarketing, knowing there are more government rules and regulations that will be mandated at the state and national level, it is a strategic move for Metris to internalize a portion of its telemarketing for performance and quality control bench marks. Whether Metris builds or buys a call center, the end result is increased control of a low cost revenue-generating machine.

Through research, case studies, interviews and financial justifications, Metris should internalize a portion of their outbound telemarketing through a build due to the cost savings, revenue generation, and because the company wants to leverage this business but not be in the outbound business as a whole.


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