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Master of Arts

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Dr. Kimora Kachelmyer

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Dr. Charles Nuckles


Customer satisfaction is the desire of many Call Center environments today. The ability to understand and meet customers' expectations relative to services provided in organizations is essential to remaining competitive and achieving business success. As such, researchers provide a wealth of studies in the areas of quality service and customer satisfaction. However, limited information exists on the technology resources or provider services available to obtain customer feedback and measurements relating to quality service. This research study focuses on one specific service provider method that combines the human element of contacting customers to obtain information regarding quality service and availing real-time findings through a Web-based technological system in conjunction with measuring the quality expectations obtained from West Group Customer Services' customers. The method of survey builds on a series of quality expectations acquired from West Group customers based on service attributes they find most important. In this environment, the surveys measured six-criteria including; response time, resolution time, representative knowledge and skill level, representative courtesy, solution effectiveness, and after call follow through for pending issues. The mean and top-box percentiles are used when detailing the findings for the criteria surveyed. The research provides details of the survey methodology, instrument design, survey findings, discussion and implications for future research.


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