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Dr. Charlotte Knoche

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Todd Patton


Managed care has a history that can be traced back to the desire to provide care for its members at a time when access to health care was limited. The roots of managed care were in service and care. The health care system continued to evolve, resulting in a system with little or no controls and rapidly rising health care costs. This set the stage for a rise in managed care. Initially, managed care held down costs and was thought to be the answer to our health care woes. Today, with nearly 40% of the population in managed care, costs are again on the rise. Satisfaction with managed care is dropping and its future is unclear. While it is likely that managed care is here to stay, it will change radically. What remains to be seen is where that future will take managed care. One thing is certain though, a move towards consumerism will occur. To survive, managed care will need to do a better job of understanding what its customers want and meeting those needs.


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