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Master of Arts

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Dr. Kimora Kachelmyer

Reader (Advisor 2)

Dr. Richard Brynteson


In today's ever-changing environment, individuals are seeking avenues to explore their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual capabilities.

Past history found individuals on adventures to challenge themselves. The individual of today is highly educated and trying out as many different outlets as possible in their individual search. Many are seeking something beyond the "quick fix" and are willing to spend time and energy in the pursuit of an accomplishment and better understanding of themselves.

They are developing growth and mastery in an activity that can be performed for internal gratification and in taking on roles as leaders.

The activity that this paper will focus on is the martial art of Aikido. The paper will review current literature relating to the development of one's individual personal mastery, the idea of selecting or choosing a path to follow in life, warriorship, martial arts, Aikido and specifically the Yoshinkan style and how these affect an individual's personal search.

The author will also present interviews conducted with high-ranking practitioners of the Yoshinkan Aikido style and the affects that the art has had on their personal and professional lives and their outlooks on life in general.


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