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Master of Arts


Family Life Education

Capstone Committee Member (Advisor 1)

Jackie Mosqueda

Capstone Committee Member (Advisor 2)

Mary Kingston


As the older adult experiences the latter years of the life cycle they will also encounter losses which are a natural part of the aging process. The way an individual responds to these losses can be the difference between living through the loss and becoming socially isolated. This project presents a series of four workshops to be used by Family Life Educators. They are designed to help older adults acknowledge that loss will most likely be a part of their life and to explore the decisions they can make to protect themselves from the danger of becoming isolated. Providing an opportunity for older adults to openly discuss the issues surrounding age related loss will assist them in planning ahead of time what their possible response to a loss may be. The Prevention of Social Isolation Project was developed in response to the limited number of family education resources available for the older adult.


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