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Master of Arts


Family Life Education

Capstone Committee Member (Advisor 1)

Michael Walcheski

Capstone Committee Member (Advisor 2)

Angele Passe

Capstone Committee Member (Advisor 3)

David Brusehoff


Hmong parents were interviewed in their home language by a Hmong mental health worker to determine the impact of attempts made to involve them in their children's formal education for the United State school system. The great majority considered themselves illiterate and had been encouraged to participate in literacy activities with their preschoolers. Questions were raised to measure the effectiveness of having bilingual materials and teachers, as well as outreach efforts in Hmong. Responses reflected an obvious desire to support their children and some increase in book use. Parents were able to recognize the benefits of sharing stories in their home language, reflecting an approximation to what has been proven by research to have an impact on children's literacy achievement, but parents continue to see the English language as a barrier to the worth of their participation.


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