Date of Award


Document Type

Non Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education



Capstone Instructor

Fred Bartling


4-H Clubs, archery training, youth development, curriculum development


This capstone project resulted in the creation of member supporting materials for an Oregon 4-H archery program. These materials include a project book, advancement book and official record sheet for the archery program. The project book is a resource for members that may give them more information than they receive in the club meetings. It has seven chapters: How it All Began; The Bow and Arrow; Accessories and Safety Equipment; On the Range, Let's Shoot; Common Faults and How to Fix Them; and More on History. The Advancement Book contains five levels that 4-H members may advance through. Each advancement step encourages members to learn more about archery, improve shooting skills, experience new activities, and provide recognition for hard work. The Archery Record is a yearly recording of all activities related to archery including: goal setting, expenses, inventory, wildlife, time spent on the project and names of people who were instrumental in the member's experience.


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