Number of Minnesota Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Elementary Schools Utilizing a State History Curriculum

Susan C. Turner, Concordia University, St. Paul


The purpose of this study was to investigate Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) elementary schools currently using a Minnesota history curriculum. Census survey questionnaires were sent to 62 Minnesota LCMS elementary schools. A descriptive research design with a three-fold purpose was used to (a) obtain the current status of the number of LCMS elementary schools using a Minnesota history curriculum, (b) identify hindrances to the teaching of state history in LCMS elementary schools, and (c) afford recommendations regarding the development of state history curriculum for LCMS elementary schools. Recommendations, based on data result analysis, were shared with the LCMS Minnesota District Offices, the State Department of Education, and the Minnesota Historical Society to gain further support and guidance in developing materials to enhance state history instruction.