Date of Award


Document Type

Non Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education




Early Childhood Education

Capstone Instructor

Barbara Schoenbeck

Second Reader

Jackie Mosqueda


culturally responsive curriculum, higher education, Native American adult learners


This project presents a curriculum for early childhood educators working with Native American adults who are seeking this Child Development Associate (CDA) certification. The focus of this curriculum is to give early childhood educators information about how to support Native American adult learners. It has been found that Native American adults learn best in small groups with practical hands on experiences. Many Native American adult students have been lost in the higher educational system. They fail to complete educational programs and are not able to work in jobs that they are suited for. Research suggests that implementing culturally responsive curriculum will support social and emotional adult learners and in turn support higher educational endeavors. Included in this curriculum is information about Native American adult learners, their cultural backgrounds, values, learning styles and an example of two full day teaching seminars that are planned to sensitive to Native American learning styles. The curriculum is based on research of culturally responsive teaching practices related to Native American adult learners.


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